It is common knowledge that heat from the sun can make dark surfaces feel much hotter than lighter ones. And when it is sunny outside, dark surfaces heat up even faster when there are no clouds to get in the way.


This is the reason why, sometimes, Outdoor, Marine & Automotive design and development teams avoid selecting dark colours, as they reach excessive temperatures that inhibit proper comfort for the end user.

*Thermal sensation may vary by geography and weather conditions such as geolocation, elevation, wind speed, meteorological seasons and humidity.


In response, Spradling® has developed an innovative technology to ensure even more comfortable surfaces. A highly advanced reflective protection, designed to reduce the amount of radiant energy or heat absorbed by surfaces, thereby improving the thermal sensation of upholstery during hot sunny days. You have to feel it to believe it! 


Designers and exterior seating manufacturers are no longer limited to selecting lighter colourways. With PermaCool® Technology, Spradling® offers an expanded colour palette, making even dark surfaces cooler to touch.


How it Works?

PermaCool® technology reduces the temperature of upholstery, by anywhere up to 16°C, when compared to regular vinyl-coated fabrics. Results were obtained by measurements carried out in accordance with ASTM D 4803-10**.

The temperature reduction may be reduced depending on the print, embossing and colour of the Coated Fabrics. The highest temperature reduction is achieved by darker upholstery shades.


In addition, due to the decrease in heat absorption, there is less stress on the upholstery, making Coated Fabrics with PermaCool® a longer lasting alternative that provides superior longevity for your creations. 


** Tests conducted under controlled scientific conditions in a laboratory, following the ASTM D 4803-10 standard (prediction of the heat build-up in rigid and flexible PVC building products above ambient air temperature, relative to black, which occurs due to absorption of the sun’s energy). Temperature readings were taken every 30 seconds during the 20 minute test period with a plain black coated fabric as the test specimen (incorporating PERMACOOL® technology) that is heated under an infrared reflective heat lamp to determine the temperature increase above ambient (laboratory) temperature, relative to a black control sample.

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