Given the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in all countries served by Spradling®, the company has developed a contingency plan according to the guidelines indicated by the responsible authorities.


We’re committed to our community and therefore we are implementing the following exceptional measures to keep all of us safe:


- We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to follow the local Governments’ advice.


- Stricter cleaning and hygienic rules following local health authorities’ guidelines, have been put in place in each worldwide office and distribution facilities. 


- A flexible work policy is now in place in all Spradling’s worldwide office and warehouse facilities ensuring the continuity of our business. The technology we have invested in, during the last year, ensures that this goes unnoticed by you and all our valued customers.


- Postponement of any visit from customers or suppliers to our factories, offices and warehouses, to protect and keep everyone safe.


- All commercial face to face meetings have been cancelled and will take via email, video conferencing, phone, whenever required. 


- Supplying to all customers our Official Care and Cleaning Guidelines, to promote a proper cleaning and disinfectant processes in order to avoid any possible bacteria growth.


Today more than ever we need to be increasingly responsible and cooperate with each other in order to reverse the current situation and jointly become safer, stronger and united. That is the reason why, in response to advice from local Governments in the countries where Spradling® Europe operates, the following determinations have been made following local law and approved current decrees: 



- Abide by the Royal Decree 463/2020


- Allowing and facilitating home-working if work can be undertaken remotely since the 16 March. 


- Our warehouse and office in Spain will be temporarily closed until April 13th, included. 


- During this time, we will be able to serve orders arriving in our Spanish operation through our other two operations in Europe, as long as there are no logistical and mobility restrictions in the country of destination. You can contact via



- Following the Federal German Government advice, we will minimize our operations in our office located in Lüneburg. 


- Allowing and facilitating home-working if work can be undertaken remotely since the 23  March. 


- Our warehouse in Germany will continue open and serving orders from current and new customers and will support and serve the orders that came from customers from our office in Spain, as long as there are no logistical and mobility restrictions in the country of destination. You can contact via or calling at +49 (0) 4131 7098 4000.



- All office and remote workers have been working from home since the 23 March. 


- Instructions have been given to our warehouse staff that if they should be stopped by the authorities when walking to work that they point out that many of Spradling’s customers are key suppliers to the NHS and therefore they should be considered as part of the “Healthcare & Social Care Supply Chain”.


- Didcot Customer Services & warehouse continue to operate from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm each day and is manned by 2 people at any one time in order to fully respect the UK Government directive regarding the numbers of people meeting at any one time. Contingency plans ensure that replacement workers are on call should the need arise. You can contact via or calling at +44 (0) 1235 812329

Due to the continued situation, we kindly suggest to all our customers that you forward plan your orders to ensure timely delivery. Please bear in mind that there may be external factors such as the transport couriers or possibly additional movement restrictions that may affect future global or regional deliveries.  


All the urgencies for supplying Coated Fabrics for local healthcare furniture manufacturing, will have priority and will be dispatched as soon as possible. To help us to identify those urgencies, please send your order specified as “COVID19 HEALTHCARE COATED FABRIC REQUEST

SERVICE is and always will be at the core of our philosophy, and with these measures, Spradling is not only serving its customers, but also our society. Everyone at Spradling wishes you, your family, and friends continued good health throughout these difficult times.  


We pray that normality will be restored soon so that we may once more support your needs, continue to jointly develop the products that create value for both your company and the industry, as we together look toward a brighter future. 

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