20 years ago, Spradling® started building its European business in Germany. Since then we have been offering and delivering Coated Fabrics to cover sophisticated furniture designs for Contract, Marine and Automotive environments around Europe!

Today we are glad to celebrate not only the twentieth anniversary of our office in Germany, but also the evolution and growth that the company has achieved over the years. Our establishment in Germany was the first step of what Spradling® Europe is now. Landing there allowed us not only to have a local vision of the business but also to understand the regional dynamics that, years later, would allow the expansion of our European business. We are proud of the goals we have achieved so far and today is an excellent opportunity to celebrate it.


Additionally, we want to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to all the people who, throughout these years, have been part of the growth of the company and have contributed their time and knowledge to the development of it. Without a committed team, such as the one we have had until now, these successful results would not have been possible.

Last but not least, we want to thank each and every one of our Customers who have always put their trust in our products and our company. Through you, we have acquired a deeper knowledge of the market, we have adapted and reinvented ourselves. Due to your support and confidence, we are now more committed than ever to keep improving in order to continue fulfilling all your expectations.


Iván Sepúlveda

Europe Managing Director

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