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PERMABLOK3® Coated Fabrics against Coronavirus
First upholstery protection certified against viruses and bacteria!

ISO 18184, ISO 21702 & ISO 22196

Designers, architects and interior space planning professionals around the world rely on Spradling® contract products to help bring their concepts and sophisticated designs to reality.
Through careful design and technology, our extensive collection of marine quality coated fabrics has enhanced and protected pleasure craft and commercial vessels for years.
We have supplied this industry sector with proven OEM colour matches and textures since 1964.

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Coated Fabrics are also the cost-effective choice for the manufacturer who wants to provide the best quality product in the marketplace at a competitive price.
It’s not hard to keep Coated Fabrics looking like new, even after years of use – coated fabrics and film can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
Coated Fabrics can be manufactured to provide a barrier to stains, provide antibacterial protection, and resist mold and mildew build-up.
Coated Fabrics are versatile enough to simulate the look of leather or fabric, or to create an entirely new and innovative look.
Coated Fabrics, as a material, have inherent fire-resistant properties, promoting consumer safety and helping manufacturers meet regulations.
Coated Fabrics can be manufactured to be weather-resistant, so they are appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.