Last year we introduced to the market the new era in textile looking coated fabrics. We launched Maglia, and immediately we got excellent feedback from the sector. Its design imitating an oxford pattern, giving the appearance of a cosy fabric but with the high performance offered by Spradling Coated Fabrics, were the perfect formula that quickly positioned Maglia among our best selling coated fabrics.


However, over time we realised that something was missing; the colour pallet was requiring to be updated. We started looking for the most recent worldwide colour trends, and then we worked on the creation of a new inspiration source that fitted with the requirements that we were listening from you since Maglia's launch. Inspired in nature, we have immersed ourselves through a colour experience that today is coming to complete the previous Maglia colour range.

We have created an exclusive landing page to invite you to live this new colour experience. Visiting, you can explore Maglia's new colourways and order its samples. As usual, we have sampling resources available in swatch book format, A-4 samples, and colour cards. So, all this material will be available only a click away!


Don't forget that Maglia is safeguarded with Permablok3®, one of Spradling's protection finished. We are proud to say that we are the first company in the sector that has its protection finish certified against CORONAVIRUS with ISO 18184 and ISO 21702. With our Permablok3® protective finish, we ensure the reduction of the virus by more than 90% within one hour of contact. We have also certified Permablok3®'s bacteriostatic properties with the ISO 22196.


We also want to introduce another grand premiere together with the new Maglia colourways; our new and refreshed brand! Probably you have already had the chance to see our rebranding in digital communications, but now, with Maglia, these brand changes leap onto our new colour cards. 


You can review Maglia's official launch Presentation on Facebook. You can't miss it!


We really hope that you like and enjoy all our novelties!

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