Under this premise, Adriana Ospina - Spradling®'s Design Director - describes the unlimited possibilities of customisation through the digital printing of Coated Fabrics. This technology has brought about a fantastic opportunity to stomp through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2021 - the former "Pasarela Cibeles" - together with the multidisciplinary creative director, Pablo Erroz, and the specialists in contract furniture, Mavilop. It has been a fantastic adventure!

"Everything started with a Pablo's sketch", explains Adriana. 


Pablo Erroz's creative concept entails a seasonless, individualistic fashion and free from gender structures constricting his creations. The catwalk at the Madrid Fashion Week has witnessed his latest collection, "Non-Seasonal 2022", which seeks a more ethical, inclusive, and sustainable audience. 


In this presentation, the designer wanted to build a creative universe beyond the limits of the industry. Without glossing over the clothing selection, the runway included interior design pieces sharing colours and shapes with some of the collection's garments. At this point, Mavilop and Spradling started working together on the union of Fashion and Interior Design that Pablo had in mind. Thus, this line of Mavilop armchairs, created by Pablo Erroz and upholstered with Spradling® Coated Fabrics, was born.  

"Non-Seasonal 2022" at MBFW Madrid

Adriana explains that once her team had Pablo's sketches, they plunged head first into the project. After several meetings with him and Mavilop, they composed all the printing elements for non-linear pieces. In other words, taking into account the irregularly shaped Alaska modular armchairs from Mavilop, they designed each part of the upholstering material with our digital printing technology. In this waythe patterns created by Pablo could perfectly meet with the furniture lines. And thus, working side by side, we could show the world of fashion an exquisite and sophisticated furniture design.  

It has been an enormous pleasure sharing this project with Pablo Erroz and Mavilop. Thank you very much for putting your faith in Spradling®. We wish you tremendous success with this furniture line. We have no doubt that it will charm many people!


For Spradling®, having our Coated Fabrics on one of the world's most influential runways enhances our pride and reinforces our love and commitment to design which have turned this partnership into an unforgettable experience. 


Spradling®, inspiration that covers the world. 

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