Designers, architects and interior space planning professionals around the world rely on Spradling® contract products to help bring their concepts and sophisticated designs to reality. The Spradling® design team is committed to creating trends, in order to offer its customers an extensive choice in colours and textures.


Outstanding in performance, durability and design, our coated fabrics portfolio is extensive and offers infinite possibilities to cover any surface. Whether for use in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars or similar leisure spaces, our range of coated fabrics will give your creations a new level of sophistication.


Our strong commitment to the Healthcare Sector is manifested in the development of new technologies relating to finishes and treatments, to ensure that the performance of our coated fabrics exceeds the rigorous technical standards required for furniture used in a medical environment e.g. anti-bacterial; resistance to abrasion and staining; plus offering long-term protection against most hospital-acquired infections.


With exceptional durability and design, our coated fabrics help to equip the most elegant workplaces. Covering panels, walls and office furniture, Spradling® products are well-known in corporate environments where sophisticated design is required.


Feel at home with our exceptional collection of patterns for residential interiors and exteriors. 


Quality, high performance and durability are key elements of Spradling® products, creating innovative coated fabrics that are suitable for seating in high-traffic public areas. 


Our coated fabrics are engineered, tested and certified to resist the toughest conditions in outdoor environments. Anti-stain treatment, impermeability, UV-resistance, Cold Crack and Mildew resistance ensure that all requirements of the sector are met.